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Roll Up Stand - Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop
Roll Up Stand - Exhibition
Roll Up Stand - Hotel
Roll Up Stand - Seminar
Roll Up Stand - Travel Agency
Travel Agency
Roll Up Stand - Yoga Class
Yoga Class
Frequently Asked Questions
What formats can I upload my artwork in?

We only accept PDF for artwork submission.

What kind of material do you use for your roll-up stands?

We use a synthetic paper material suitable for indoor use, perfect for exhibitions or in-store displays.

How do I assemble/set up the roll-up stand?

1. Remove the roll-up stand from its non-woven carrier bag.

2. Turn/Twist the bottom feet panels to be perpendicular to the main body.

3. Insert the support rod into the round hole found in the middle of the stand.

4. Place one foot gently, but firmly on the bottom feet and slowly pull up the roll.

5. Holding onto the metal frame at the top of the roll-up banner, slot the support rod into the metal frame.

What is the color tolerance on your roll-up stand printing?

Generally, there will be approximately 10-20% of color tolerance on the final product.