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Digital Offset

A digital printer with a women working beside it.

Litho Offset

A litho offset printer is progressing with a man monitor around it.
Digital Offset Printing Criteria Litho Offset Printing
Using digital files to print directly onto paper or other materials Process Creating a printing plate for each color and using those plates to transfer ink onto the paper
Less expensive than Litho printing for small print runs Cost Less expensive for large prints run
Suitable for small print runs Quantity Suitable for large prints run
May have some color variation and may not be as sharp Quanlity Generally produces higher-quality prints with more accurate colors and sharper details
Allows for more customization and personalization, such as variable data printing Customization No customization

Digital Offset

Our Digital Offset Printing technology produces high-quality results using advanced digital technology. Unlike digital reproduction, which is often associated with digital copiers and color lasers, Digital Offset Printing eliminates many of the mechanical steps required for litho-offset printing, including making films or plates.

With Digital Offset Printing, images are transferred directly onto paper without the need for plates, making this printing technology cost-efficient and significantly reducing the cost of small volume print-runs.

The Advantages & Opportunities:

  • Better color consistency, reducing the reject rate and building customer confidence
  • Cost-efficient printing technology that significantly reduces the cost of small volume print-runs
  • Can print as low as one piece, minimizing wastage and surplus while opening up new market opportunities
  • Offers a variety of finishing options, including round corner and hot stamping
  • More than 19 paper material choices available, with a variety of print sizes

Design-to-Print Technology

Offset quality with digital flexibility.

A monitor is showing the artwork for print preparation.

No need for plates, files are immediately ready for printing.

A digital printer is in progress print the papers.

Top-of-the-line, HP Indigo Offset Press

Several boxes of printing products is prepared to ship out.

Result - Offset Quality Print Products!

Litho Offset

We use the latest technology in the market for our Litho Offset (lithographic) Printing. Here's how the process works:

  1. Computer-to-plate (CTP): The desired print image is transferred via computer-to-plate (CTP).
  2. Offset printing transfers the image from plate to rubber blanket to printing surface using the repulsion of oil and water, with ink rollers applying ink to the image and water keeping non-printing areas ink-free.

Litho Offset Printing is suitable for all kinds of promotional print documents and is particularly economical for high-volume print-runs.

The Advantages & Opportunities:

  • Cheaper large volume print-runs
  • More print sizes up to A2
  • Various finishing & binding options
  • Gang-run printing
  • Suitable for customized print products with 1-2 spot colors or process colors
A monitor is showing to artwork prepared to print later.


Several plate is prepared based on the artwork and prepared to print.

Plate Making

A litho offset printer is in progress printing.

Offset Printing

Several boxes of printing product is prepared to delivery to customer.

Offset Quality

Computer-to-Plate (CTP) Technology

A high line-density of 200 lines per inch, produces greater detail and sharpness.

Two pictures show the different between high density and low density plate.

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