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Top Question

1. How do I keep track of the eVouchers I've purchased?

Go to Account Panel > My E-Voucher

2. How do I redeem my eVouchers?

Go to Account Panel > My E-Voucher > eVoucher List > Click "Redeem Now"

Go to My Account > My eVoucher > Redeem eVoucher > Insert your eVoucher Code and click "Validation Check".

3. How do I know how many QTY I have used of a particular eVoucher Code?

Go to your eVoucher List. See "Qty Ordered" and "Qty Used". Redeemed eVoucher Codes will be assigned a "Order Ref # Used".

4. How can I know if I have claimed my eVoucher?

Go to your eVoucher List. The Order status of the eVoucher Code will be shown as "Claimed" (it will change from "Redeem Now" to "Claimed", once used).

5. Where from can I print my eVoucher Order Slip?

Click "(Order Ref#)" shown in blue under the eVoucher Code.

6. What happens if I forget to claim My eVoucher and it expires?

Expired eVouchers become invalid and cannot be extended.

PS: Please remember to redeem you eVouchers before the expiry date.

Contract Proof

1. What is a contract proof?

EXCARD's contract proof is basically a preview of how the job will look before it proceeds to print and is used to verify member's request. This procedure is usually done on large orders. It is a full colour sample made from the actual files your job will be printed from.

In the contract proof, members can perform:-
a) Artwork & Layout Checking
b) Proofread Text
c) Colour checking (Subject to Contract Proof Terms & Conditions)

2. How will EXCARD print my contract proof?

Your contract proof will be printed using an inkjet printer that has been calibrated to match the colour profile of our offset press machines.

FYI: The only true 'contract' proof is a press proof but due to high cost, other contract proofs are made with photomechanical materials, ink-jet devices, and other printing technologies. These proofs are quite accurate, but not exactly the same in colour.

3. How accurately will the colour of the contract proof match my print product?

The colour proximity of this contract proof will be as close as possible to the print product. However, note that a 100% exact colour match is not possible due to the difference of technology used to reproduce colour. A compatible colour reference guide should always be used whenever it is applicable to compare colours.

4. What type of products can I request for a contract proof?

Contract proofing is available for Paper Bag, Folder and Loose Sheet only.

5. What type of material will the contract proof be printed on?

It will be printed on coated surface inkjet paper. For the best results, the type of paper surface used will depend on your print product specifications. Please refer Support > Product & Spec > Contract Proof for more details(here).

6. How long will the contract proof be valid?

A contract proof is valid for 21 days from the delivery date. It can only be used once, and specifically for the print product you requested the contract proof for. We will dispose of a contract proof after its validity date expires, or after it is used for a print order, whichever comes first.


1. Will I have to pay for the delivery of my goods?

You do not have to pay for delivery. Our product price is charge by WM or EM (i.e. West Malaysia and East Malaysia had different prices), we will deliver the completed goods to your address you state during ordering.

2. How will my goods be delivered?

All goods are delivered by our appointed courier. EXCARD only works with reliable courier service providers that have good track records.

3. What time can I expect delivery?

While we strive to send your completed order out on time, the exact time of its arrival to your doorstep will depend on the courier service company. Although the courier service company we have engaged delivers to most places, some areas require longer delivery time due to inconsistent demand and sometimes lack of road infrastructure. Click here to know more.

To track the shipment of your goods, please log in to your Member Online Account and click on the order consignment number in TRACK ORDER. You will be redirected to our courier service providers website where the delivery status of your goods will be automatically displayed for your reference.

4. Do you provide rushed (overnight) delivery?

We have an optional Rush Order service for selected products. Members can pay extra to have their orders delivered to them earlier than the standard required time for these applicable products.

5. Which areas do your delivery service cover?

Our appointed courier service provider delivers to all states in Malaysia. However, some areas require longer delivery time due to inconsistent demand and sometimes lack of road infrastructure. Click here to know more..

6. Can I collect my orders personally from your office?

Yes, you can. Kindly arrange with our Customer Service.

7. Can you send the orders to my customers?

Yes. (Refer to Answer for Question: What do I do if I want to "temporarily" switch to a different delivery address?)

8. What happens if I am not around to receive my goods?

Our courier service provider would normally contact you in advance of delivery. Please inform them if you wish your goods to be delivered at a specific time. Another way would be to use EXCARD's Change Address Option when placing your order. This option allows you to have your goods delivered to you at a different address other then your default address in your profile.

9. Does EXCARD guarantee punctual delivery of my goods?

While we are committed to the timely delivery of goods to all our members, we cannot guarantee you 100% punctuality due to factors such as Acts of God, national emergencies and the efficiency of the courier service company. Also, some areas require longer delivery time due to inconsistent demand and sometimes lack of road infrastructure. Click here to know more. Here are some reasons that can cause delay:
1.Your courier service outlet in your area is inconsistent
2.The courier service outlet in your zone is closed for a public holiday
3.Production delay due to re-print

10. What should I do if I don't receive my orders on time or if there's a mix up in my order?

Contact our Customer Service at sales@excard.com.my or call 604-4411650.
Provide us your order reference number/job number and tell us the problem. We'll try to sort it out as soon as possible.

11. How do I change my default Delivery Address?

Go to your Profile and update your address. (You need to do this before you place an order.) After you have updated your profile, please contact our customer service so we can take note of the changes. Note: any change of information after your order is submitted may cause a delay in the production and delivery of your goods to your address.

12. What do I do if I want to "temporarily" switch to a different delivery address?

You can change to a different address during the ordering step (Step 02: Confirm Order - Delivery Information section). Select "Other" option, click on the "New" button to add a new receiver and delivery address. Once you keyed in the required information, click "Save" and select the receiver's name from the "Profiles" drop list. The next time you want your goods to be delivered to the same address, just quick select the correct name from the drop list. You won't need to key in the address again as the information has been recorded for your convenience.

Member System

1. Who can be an EXCARD member?

Anyone residing in Malaysia who is 18 years old and above is eligible for Membership. However, approval of membership is subject to the discretion of the management of EXCARD Corporation Sdn Bhd.

Employees of EXCARD Corporation Sdn. Bhd., their affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotional agencies, and suppliers are not eligible.

2. Why become an EXCARD member?

Being an EXCARD member allows you to sell our products and services to your customers at a more competitive price. You can enjoy a higher profit margin and definitely a more lucrative direct income through our Agent pricing. Furthermore, our special members-only promotions and commissions enable you to earn more from time to time.

3. How do I become an EXCARD member?

Sign Up for Free here or click the Sign Up button at top of the page.

4. How much profit can I make?

As an EXCARD member, you are guaranteed a lower member pricing for every product you sell. This means a higher profit margin to you. On top of that, we have special member promotions and programs which offer rebates as well as commissions that enable you to earn more from time to time. Of course the more you sell, the more you earn!

5. How do I set my own selling price for the products?

Once you become an Agent, you will have access to the EXCARD Agent price list for all our products. With this list, you are free to set your own competitive price. We encourage you to check out the market price in your area before you decide on your final price to your customers. To help those who are not members yet, we welcome them to get our free sample. Within, they will find more information on product pricing, recommended selling price as well as other EXCARD benefits. Also included are actual printed samples for them to get a better feel of our products.

6. How do I replenish my EXCARD sales kit?

You can replenish the items in your sales kit by purchasing what you need from us. Just click on the x-ccessories icon (located on your Account Panel) and select and pay for what you need. However, only EXCARD Members are entitled to purchase these products at x-ccessories.

7. Will EXCARD ensure the confidentiality of my customers' data?

Yes. All information sent to EXCARD is kept with the strictest of confidentiality. Moreover, we only offer our services to design-print professionals, and not end-users.

8. Who supplies EXCARD products?

EXCARD products are developed in-house and produced by ODM printers.

My Account

1. How do I create an Online Account?

You will be provided an Online Account automatically when you become an EXCARD member. Only 1 online account per membership allowed.

02. How long will EXCARD take to reload my account?
For online Interbank Fund Transfer, we will reload your account once we receive the bank verification of your credited funds to Excard Corporation Sdn. Bhd. shown on the printout deposit slip that you fax or upload the transaction slip for us.

For cash deposit, your account will normally be reloaded within the very same day of payment. For cheque deposit, your account will be reloaded upon the clearance of the cheque:

West M'sia

East M'sia

House cheque CIMB cheque deposit into CIMB account 2-3 days 3-4 days
Local cheque CIMB cheque deposit into CIMB account 3-4 days 5-6 days
Outstation cheque cheque of banks of other states 4-5 days 5-6 days

2. How secure is my account?

Your online transactions are done via a protected EXCARD server. We routinely check and update our security perimeters to ensure all information and data stored on our server is not compromised.

3. How do I terminate my Membership Account? If there is a balance in my account, is it refundable upon termination of my membership?

Just send us an email saying that you would like to terminate your Account. Any balance in your Account (minus rebates given) is refundable. Please include your bank details in the email so we can transfer the amount to your bank account. The transfer process will take 7-10 working days.

4. What happens if my account is inactive for a period of time?

Your account will still be open and any remaining cash advance in it will be available for your use. However, if you anticipate that you will no longer use this account, we would advice you to close it and withdraw the balance of your cash advance.

5. Why do I get an error whenever I try to login?

Either your username or password or both are incorrect. You will have to reset your password or retrieve your username: Click on the "I forgot my Password or Username" link and key-in the information according to the instructions. We will send you an email with a link which you will need to click on in order to reset your password.

My Order

1. How do I place my order?

All orders can only be made through our website but you have to be a member to do this.

Step 1: Click "Product" link, choose product then select type of process
Step 2: Fill-up online order form and upload your artwork
Step 3: In the Confirm Order step, check your print order specifications and click "SUBMIT ORDER" to complete process.

2. How do I confirm my order?

Once you have keyed in all the necessary details in the Ordering Page (which includes uploading your artwork), click the "NEXT" button (this will attach your files to the order form). You will then be directed to the Confirmation Page to check the details of your order. To confirm, click the 'SUBMIT' button and your order will be sent to EXCARD. If your submission is successful, a receipt will be generated and you can print this page out as your reference.

3. How long will I have to wait for my goods to arrive?

Each product has a different delivery duration. The exact delivery date will be stated on your Order Slip. You may view the Delivery Schedule for the delivery duration of all products.

4. Can I cancel or change my order?

If you have detected an error only after submitting your order to us, ONLY IF your order is not yet in the printing process. Kindly contact Customer Service immediately, so that we can put your job on hold until you make the necessary amendments. In such a case, please note that there will be a delay in the completion and delivery of your goods.

EXCARD will not be held responsible for any matter resulting from a member"s failure to contact EXCARD promptly or to convey the necessary instructions regarding his/her orders. (See Question : What should I do if I have a Pending Job?)

EXCARD will not be held responsible for any matter resulting from a member"s failure to contact EXCARD promptly or to convey the necessary instructions regarding his/her orders. (See Question : What should I do if I have a Pending Job?)

5. How can I keep track of my orders and my account balance?

Login to your member Online Account panel to check your order history and account balance.

6. What do I do if I am dissatisfied with my order?

If you are not satisfied with your printed goods, please write to our Customer Service within 1 week (7 days) of receiving your order. Please include your order number and reason for dissatisfaction. If you have not received your order within the specified delivery time, please write to us at Feedback not later than 1 week (7 days) from the date of the specified delivery time. Our Customer Service department will review your request and work with you to meet your expectations.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only reprint or refund the cost of any product that fails to meet the conditions under the General Expectation on Printing Outcome (Terms & Conditions, point #5). However, we are not responsible for typing, image, or design errors introduced by customers in the artwork/document creation process. In an effort to keep costs down and pass those savings along to our customers, EXCARD does not review artwork/documents for content or spelling.

7. What should I do if I have a Pending Job?

STEP 1: Go to the Pending Job List page and click on link "Resend" to see what are the artwork error(s) detected by our pre-press team.

STEP 2: Note the errors and make the corrections on your artwork file.

STEP 3: Upload the corrected artwork file to us by clicking the link "Resend" in the Action column. (Note: If you are resending more than 1 file, you are required to zip them up first before upload. Refer to How to Zip Multi Files.)

STEP 4: Go back to, or refresh the Pending Job List page to check the order status. (We will update the status of your pending job within 4 hours.)

If status is "Reject", go back to STEP 1 If resent file is "OK", we will proceed to print. FYI: You can check your past pending jobs at "Pending Job History".

Learn More


1. How do I pay for my order?

EXCARD uses a prepaid system whereby you need to deposit funds into your EXCARD account as your cash advance. Each time you make an order, payment for it will be deducted from the cash advance in your account. You must have sufficient funds in your account to pay for your order. You may top-up/reload your account anytime.

You can print out a Reload Confirmation Slip as proof of your reload/deposit at the Reload Account section.

2. How do I make payment/top-up cash advance?

There are 4 ways to top-up your cash advance into your EXCARD account.
*Note: Whichever method of payment you choose, you must first access your Member Online Account, click Top up and choose your payment method and enter your payment amount. *You must upload your bank-in transaction slip or fax the reload form attached with the transaction slip as proof of your funds transfer and reload request.
*Applicable to all payment methods EXCEPT Credit Card & Debit Payment (NETBUILDER)

A. Cash / *Cheque (Bank-in) *Cheque deposits for CIMB account only.
B. Interbank Funds Transfer
C. Credit Card ( NETBUILDER) - visa / master card
D. Debit Payment (NETBUILDER) - MEPS/FPX Debit Payment.

3. For Credit Card, what are the currencies supported by NETBUILDER?

All transactions through NETBUILDER are in Ringgit Malaysia.

4. What is the recommended amount to top-up into EXCARD Account?

Minimum amount for:
i) Bank Deposit (cash/cheque) = RM50
ii) Interbank Funds Transfer = RM50
iii) Online Credit Card (NETBUILDER) Top-Up = RM50 (excluding 3.2% transfer fee)
iv) Online Debit Payment (NETBUILDER)Top-Up = RM50 (excluding 3.2% transfer fee)

5. What is the purpose of cash advance?

Cash Advance serves as advance payment for your future orders. Each time you make an order, payment for it will be deducted from the cash advance in your account. You cannot make an order if you do not have enough funds in your account, so make sure there are sufficient funds in your Member Online Account at all times. You can reload your account whenever necessary.

6. Will I get an official receipt for my order? And how will I get it?

You will be issued an electronic official receipt for every order you make. To view or print out an official receipt for a particular completed order, you will need to access your online member account and go to Track Order. To trace and print your order and statement of account, go to Transaction History instead.

7. How do I report a billing error to EXCARD?

Just send us an email reporting the error. Describe the problem to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Printing & Processing

1. What is the printing process?

We have 2 types of 4-colour (CMYK) offset printing processes:
i) Litho-Offset (Lithography)
ii) Digital Offset

Click on About Us > Print Technology

2. What is CMYK printing?

Short for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key (Black), and pronounced as separate letters. CMYK is a colour model in which all colours are described as a mixture of these four process colour. CMYK is the standard colour model used in offset printing for full-colour documents. Because such printing uses inks of these four basic colours, it is often called four-colour printing.

3. What is the difference between litho-offset (conventional) and digital offset

The difference is in the technology. Digital does away with certain processes of offset printing. However, in terms of finished product, there is essentially no difference to the naked eye.

4. What is "Gang-run" Printing Method and its advantage?

Also known as"batch printing", this method which is applicable to litho-offset (conventional) printing is a cost-effective and efficient way to produce all kinds of loose sheet printed documents. "Gang-run" printing is basically grouping customers" orders for a similar product or requirement into 1 print run. By doing this, we are able to provide you with professional full colour printing at a fraction of the cost. Your short-run jobs become more affordable as the initial production cost is now shared by various customers.

5. Am I entitled to a discount for large orders?

Yes, now with with Sales Reward discount, you will get instant discount on your single order. The discount rate will be based on the range of your purchase amount. Further details please click here.

6. Can I request a different finishing other than what is offered for a particular product/process?

Yes. You have to keep to our printing specifications for our standard EXCARD products. This is to ensure the quality consistency of our products and to keep your cost down. For special print requests (customization) for Loose Sheet, we have a custom order request form Get Quote accessible on your Online Account panel.
Go to Support > Excard Process > Request Quotation.

7. What are the standard specification of your products?

Please refer to Product > Product & Price > Product Specification page

8. How much do EXCARD products cost (where are the prices)?

Our prices are only available to EXCARD members who are also privy to other cost-saving member-only benefits. Upon a successful sign-up, members gain access to this price list. Those who have yet to sign up can request for our free sample which includes a partial price list, as well as some product samples for their consideration.(here)

9. How do you pack the completed goods?

Most completed goods are securely packed in paper cartons labelled with content information such as customer"s name and delivery address, product type, quantity and handling instructions.

Site Issue/ Navigation

1. Which browsers do you support?

Currently, we are able to support Internet Explorer 11.0 and Firefox 3.6 and Google Chrome 4.0.

2. How to create a secure password?

Some tips:
- Make your password lengthy. Ideally should be 8 or more characters in length.
- Include punctuation marks and/or numbers.
- Mix capital and lowercase letters.
- Include similar looking substitutions, such as the number zero for the letter "O" or "$" for the letter "S".
- Create a unique acronym.
Include phonetic replacements, such as "Strong Password" for "$tr0Ng P@ssw0rd".

To test the strength of your password, click here.

3. What should I do if I can't remember my password / username or both?

You will have to reset your password or retrieve your username:
Click on the "I forgot my Password or Username" link and key-in the information according to the instructions. We will send you an email with a link which you will need to click on in order to reset your password.

4. Where do I go to change my password ?

Login to the member page and click on MY Account (Menu Tab). Then on the left panel, click on the "Change Password"link.