We want to help you get the best results for your print job. You are REQUIRED to use our Product Size Template to ensure your artwork is correct.
Please be sure to read and refer to this artwork spec when preparing your artwork.

When we ...

✔ will do this

✔ Check for issues listed in Common Pending Job Problems
✔ Notify you of problems in your artwork
✔ Go straight to print if you prepare your artwork correctly

✖ won't do this

✖ Check for issues other then those listed in Common Pending Problems
✖ Correct any technical errors
✖ Reprint the file if it fails to print as expected as a result of you not following the guidelines in our handbook or website

3 EASY STEPS With Excard

Submit your artwork file
Excard checks your artwork file
Go to print
You receive your good on time

Download (PDF Files)

All artwork specifications for our products are readily available in PDF format. To view them, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader
(Click here to download software). You can also download and print our hardcopies as reference.

The artwork specifications listed below are the latest. Please refrain from using older versions to avoid unnecessary complications.
Member shall agree to all the additional terms and conditions stated in each Product Specification, General Artwork Preparation Guides and the Artwork Preparation Guides for each product.

01. Colour, Images, Text, Line
02. Using Our Product Size Template
03. Artwork Orientation
04. Preparing Spot Colour Artwork
05. Preparing Final Artwork
06. PDF Setting
07. Sending File To Us
08. Preparing Hot Stamping Artwork
09. General Preparing Hot Stamping Format
10. Artwork Specification for Fine Paper
11. Adding a Solid Black (SUPER BLACK) Area in Your Artwork
12. Preparing Artwork with Hot-stamping and Spot UV Finishing
13. Spot UV
- Preparing File for Spot UV Finishing
- Spot UV Finishing Artwork Alert
- Spot UV Artwork Checklist
14. Preparing Round Corner Artwork and Order
15. Common Pending Job Problems
16. Glossary
17. Embossing Artwork Specification
01. Guideline for Preparing Business Card Artwork
Bill Book
01. Guideline for Preparing Bill Book Artwork
02. How to prepare artwork for Bill Book
01. Saddle Stitching Artwork Specification and Checklist
02. Perfect Binding (Softcover) Artwork Specification and Checklist
03. Perfect Binding (Hardcover) Artwork Specification and Checklist
Button Badge
01. Button Badge Artwork Specification
Computer Form
01. Preparing Computer Form Artwork
Calendar Products
01. Desk & Wall Calendar Artwork Specification
02. Litho Offset Wire-O Wall Calendar Artwork Specification
03. Hard Stand Wire-O Calendar With Hot Stamping Artwork Specification
01. Envelope Artwork Specification
02. Best Seller Envelope (Full Printing) Artwork Specification
Hand Fan
01. Hand Fan Artwork Specification
Kad Kahwin
01. Kad Kahwin Custom Die Cut Artwork Specification
01. Letterhead Artwork Specification
Label Sticker
01. Label Sticker Artwork Specification
L Shape Plastic Folder
01. L Shape Plastic Folder Artwork Specification
Loose Sheet
01. Loose Sheet - Hole Punching, Perforation & Custom Creasing Artwork Specification
Money Packet
01. Money Packet General and Hot-Stamping Artwork Specification
Note Pad
01. Note Pad Artwork Specification and Checklist
Non-Woven Bag
01. Non-Woven Bag Artwork Specification
01. Packaging Box Artwork Specification
01. Pre-Inked Stamp Artwork Specification and Checklist
01. Preparing Voucher Artwork Specification and Checklist
Static Cling Window Sticker
01. Static Cling Window Sticker Artwork Specification
Wire-O Notebook
01. Wire-O Notebook Artwork Specification