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Product Specs

  Business Card Box
  Label Sticker
  Static Cling Window Sticker
(Car Sticker)

Office & Biz
(Invoice, Receipt, Bill Book)
  Booklet Custom Quote
  Business Card
  Computer Form
  Contract Proof
  Hand Fan
  L Shape Folder
  Loose Sheet
(Flyer, Brochure, Poster, Menu, Announcement Card, Post Card)
  Loose Sheet Custom Quote
  Money Packet
  Note Pad
  Paper Bag
  Pre-inked Stamp
  Tent Card
  Ticket & Voucher
  Wire-O Notebook

  Desk Calendar (Hard Stand)
  Desk Calendar (Soft Stand)
  Wall Calendar (Racing Horse / Islamic)
  Wire-O Wall Calendar

Set Kahwin
  Kad Kahwin
  Kotak Cenderahati
  Tag Terima Kasih
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Desk Calendar

Desk Calendar
Label Sticker

Label Sticker
Kotak Cenderahati

Kelima – lima model kotak cenderahati EXCARD boleh digunakan untuk pelbagai jenis dan saiz cenderahati, yang akan diberikan oleh klien-klien anda kepada para tetamu mereka.

Malah, anda boleh memberi idea kotak cenderahati yang bersesuaian mengikut bajet majlis klien-klien anda.

Ayuh, teruskan nyalaan lentera idea anda dengan koleksi inspirasi pengunaan kotak cenderahati yang dipaparkan!

Kotak Cenderahati
Paper Bag

  1 Design for various
retail products
2 Perfectly fit
to carry
3 Quality features  
1     Design for various retail products
We print paper bags in a variety of sizes to complement various types of products in a practical, smart and stylish way!

FOOD : Candles, Mooncakes, Wine & Liquor, Bird’s Nest and etc.
FASHION : Shoes, Men & women’s Appeal, Watches, Jewelries, Optical and etc.
BEAUTY : Cosmetics, Perfumes, Health & Spa essential and etc.
HOME : Bedroom linen, Draperies and etc.
BOOKS : Paperback Novels, Hardcovers, Graphic Novels, Magazines, Stationery and etc.
ELECTRONICS : Computer accessories, Digital Cameras, Electrical appliances and etc.

Design for various retail productsDesign for various retail products

2     Perfectly fit to carry
As a result of an extensive market research, our array of paper bag sizes will fit just about anything with or without packaging! Check out how snugly they fit these items and their packaging!

Perfectly fit to carry

3     Quality features
You may have designed a really chic-looking paper bag for your product, but it would be worthless if it fell apart the second the customer walked out the shop with it. Well our paper bags are built for the job, and here’s why...

Quality features