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A white printed t-shirt is featured against a vibrant blue background, highlighting an anniversary. A pink t-shirt is featured against a pink background, highlighting women’s day. A long-sleeved shirt is featured against the background of a man cycling up a rocky hill. A black long-sleeved shirt is featured against an oceanic background, highlighting a fishing club. A football jersey printed in green and yellow. A sports jersey printed with a racing motif, featured against an image of a motocross racer.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is sublimation printing?

Sublimation shirt printing is a printing process that first prints a design onto a special type of paper, then that design is transferred onto the fabric (usually a polyester type fabric). We then blast the ink with a ton of heat until it fuses with the fabric.

Why should I choose sublimation printing?

The costs behind sublimation shirt printing is higher than other methods, but it lasts longer. Unlike other methods, sublimation printing doesn't crack or peel over time.