Wind Flags Specifications
A bow flag with blue and red color indicates blood donation event.

Bow Flag 3.0M

  • 25.6" x 78.8"
A running event bow flag with blue and yellow color.

Bow Flag 5.0M

  • 31.5" x 157.4"
A clearance stock events teardrop flag with yellow and red color.

Teardrop Flag 3.0M

  • 28.3" x 73.2"
A teardrop flag with red color promoting an event opening.

Teardrop Flag 5.0M

  • 54.3" x 140"
  • Fabric Type
  • Cross Base with Water Bag
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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I set up and install a wind flag for effective outdoor promotion?

To learn step-by-step instructions on setting up a wind flag for your outdoor promotion needs, please refer to this helpful video.