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A resealable pouch printed with the image of cookies surrounded by various baking ingredients. A resealable pouch printed with raspberries surrounded by raspberries still on their branches. 3 resealable pouches of different sizes and design are arranged neatly next to each other. 3 resealable pouches of dog food are arranged neatly against a blue background surrounded by dog food ingredients. 2 yellow resealable pouches of potato chips are standing next to a sack of potatoes. Two resealable pouches of different sizes are arranged next to piles of spices.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use to cook food inside this pouch?

They shouldn't be microwaved under any circumstance, but hot water can be poured into the standing pouch to cook the contents! New instant meal packaging, perhaps?

How much can a standing pouch hold?

That depends what size you order. For the most accurate results, you can get samples via Excard's X-ccessories section to see what works best for you.

Why is the lead time so long?

We want to make sure that you get a product that is hygienic and of high quality, which is why there are a lot of processes this item has to go through. That translates to long lead times, but worth it if we can make sure you're satisfied.