Hand Fans Components

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A hand fan with covid-19 theme in pale orange, black and white.
  1. Fan Handle (Black) - 121mm x 26mm
Hand Fans Specifications
A oval shape hand fan in covid-19 theme in black, white and pale orange


  • Small (178mm x 165mm)
A hand fan with football theme in green, black and white.


  • Small (178mm x 165mm)
A hand fan with a boy eating in orange colour.


  • Small (178mm x 165mm)
A plastic hand fan with various building pictures as design.


  • Medium (178mm x 245mm)
A plastic hand fan with hand shaped in music fair theme.


  • Large (234mm x 245mm)
  • Gloss Art Card (310gsm, 360gsm)
  • Gloss Lamination, Matt Lamination
  • Die-cutting
  • Fan Handle Assembly
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