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Envelopes Components

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Two envelopes in orange, yellow and white.
  1. Window
  2. Peel Seal
Envelopes Specifications
Two pocket envelopes with geometric design in black, red and white.


  • OE4496NW, OE9013NW, EV4090NW, EV4286NW, EV4496NW, EV6390NW, EV7010NW, EV9013NW, EV1015NW, IS4286NW, IS6390NW
A pocket envelopes with window and a building design.

Pocket with Window

  • OE4496W, EV4090W, EV4286W, EV4496W
Two wallet envelopes in green colour.


  • OP8642NW, OP6344NW
Two wallet envelopes with window and geometric design in orange, yellow and white.

Wallet with Window

  • OP8642W, OP6344W
  • Simili Paper 100gsm
  • Ready Envelope (White 100gsm)
  • Die-cutting
  • Folding
  • Gluing
  • Window Patching
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