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Desk Calendars (Hard Stand) Components

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A desk calendar defines front cover, content, back cover, wire-o binding and calendar stand.
  1. Front Cover
  2. Inside Front Cover
  3. Content
  4. Inside Back Cover
  5. Back Cover
  6. Calendar Stand
  7. Wire-O Hole Punching + Wire-O Binding (Black) 3/8"
Desk Calendars (Hard Stand) Specifications
A hard stand desk calendar in portrait show february calendar.

WDCH 001

  • 150mm x 215mm
  • Portrait
A landscape hard stand desk calendar show June calendar.

WDCH 002

  • 215mm x 150mm
  • Landscape
A hard stand calendar with hot stamping at the bottom show January calendar.

DCHS 001

  • 215mm x 154mm
  • Portrait

Calendar Stand (WDCH 001, WDCH 002)

  • Chipboard 700gsm + Bukram Black

Calendar Stand (DCHS 001)

  • Hard Stand 700gsm

Cover & Content

  • Gloss Art Card 230gsm (2 sides coated)
  • Simili Paper 140gsm
  • Gloss Water Based Varnish
  • Hot Stamping (Gold)
  • Collating
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do people still use desk calendars?

Yes! You would expect that now people have calendars and planners in their phones and computers, desk calendars would not be around anymore, but they're still popular to this day! Many people prefer the feel of a physical calendar, and pen on paper when planning their schedule.

What if I do not need a desk calendar?

Like many of our products, you can customize what you want printed on them. For our desk calendars, you can easily turn them into a little teaching tool, or decorative item instead!

What if I want to sell my own calendars as merchandise?

You can definitely do that too. Firemen, celebrities, and all sorts of brands have capitalized on calendars as a great way to generate income, and you too can get in on the game.