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Computer Forms Components

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A stack of computer form with multiple layer, copy change, security tinting, side perforation and numbering.
  1. Top Layer
  2. Middle Layer
  3. Bottom Layer
  4. Copy Change
  5. Numbering
  6. Security Tinting
  7. Side Perforation
  8. Security Seal Pay Slip
Computer Forms Specifications
A stack of multi layer computer form in white, yellow and pink.

Multi Layer Computer Form

  • 242mm x 280mm
Three pieces of pay slip with security tinting.

Pay Slip

  • 242mm x 280mm
A stack of single layer computer form in white.

Single Layer Computer Form

  • 242mm x 280mm
  • NCR Paper 50gsm (White / Green / Blue / Yellow / Pink)
  • NCR Paper 55gsm (White / Green / Blue / Yellow / Pink)
  • NCR Paper 80gsm (White)
  • Simili Paper 60gsm
  • Copy Change
  • Numbering
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a computer form?

Computer forms, or computer word processing paper, is usually used to print important documents that may need to be confidential like reports, statements, invoices, payslips, etc.

What is an Up?

Traditionally, the term "Up" points to impressions of the same image at the same time. So a 3-Up is something that's been printed three at a go, in the most basic terms.

What is the difference between multi-layer and single layer?

In computer forms, you can choose the multi-layer option to allow for immediate carbon copies of your print, or you can choose the single layer option if you just need one.