Wobblers Components

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A wobbler advertises a sale in blue defines clear plastic holder and double side tape.
  1. Clear Plastic Holder
  2. Double Side Tape
Wobblers Specifications
A portrait wobbler advertises new collection sale in red.


  • 89mm x 54mm
  • Portrait
A portrait wobbler advertises a super sale in black, yellow and white.


  • 108mm x 89mm
  • Portrait
A portrait wobbler advertises black friday sale in black, red and white.


  • 180mm x 108mm
  • Portrait
A landscape wobbler advertises juice drink in red and green.


  • 54mm x 89mm
  • Landscape
A landscape wobbler advertises a super sale in blue, yellow and pink.


  • 89mm x 108mm
  • Landscape
A landscape wobbler advertises a final sale call on geometric background.


  • 108mm x 180mm
  • Landscape
  • Gloss Art Card (250gsm, 310gsm)
  • Gloss Lamination, Matt Lamination
  • Clear Plastic Holder + Double Side Tape
  • Round Corner
  • Custom Die-Cut
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a wobbler display?

Did you know that movement is a great way to get a person's attention? That's why wobbler displays are so good at what they do. Normally a flat, printed image at the end of a strip of plastic or paper, this advertising option allows a message to jump out and get in the face of your intended audience.

What is a wobbler used for?

You can find wobblers at cashiers, supermarket aisles, and in all sorts of other businesses. They're much better at getting people to look at something than just a flat poster stuck on a surface.