Wobblers Components

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A wobbler advertises a sale in blue defines clear plastic holder and double side tape.
  1. Clear Plastic Holder
  2. Double Side Tape
Wobblers Specifications
A portrait wobbler advertises new collection sale in red.


  • 89mm x 54mm
  • Portrait
A portrait wobbler advertises a super sale in black, yellow and white.


  • 108mm x 89mm
  • Portrait
A portrait wobbler advertises black friday sale in black, red and white.


  • 180mm x 108mm
  • Portrait
A landscape wobbler advertises juice drink in red and green.


  • 54mm x 89mm
  • Landscape
A landscape wobbler advertises a super sale in blue, yellow and pink.


  • 89mm x 108mm
  • Landscape
A landscape wobbler advertises a final sale call on geometric background.


  • 108mm x 180mm
  • Landscape
  • Gloss Art Card (250gsm, 310gsm)
  • Gloss Lamination, Matt Lamination
  • Clear Plastic Holder + Double Side Tape
  • Round Corner
  • Custom Die-Cut
Attract attention and drive sales with our exceptional wobbler printing service! Our custom wobblers are the perfect eye-catching solution to draw customers focus to your promotions, products, or special offers in retail or business environments. Whether for product launches, in-store promotions, or brand awareness, our precision printing ensures visually striking and durable wobblers that demand attention. Conveniently available in Malaysia and Singapore, our wobbler printing service is the perfect choice to add a touch of creativity and promotional flair to your retail marketing strategy. Elevate your promotional efforts with our custom wobbler printing today and make a memorable impact on your target audience!
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a wobbler display?

Did you know that movement is a great way to get a person's attention? That's why wobbler displays are so good at what they do. Normally a flat, printed image at the end of a strip of plastic or paper, this advertising option allows a message to jump out and get in the face of your intended audience.

What is a wobbler used for?

You can find wobblers at cashiers, supermarket aisles, and in all sorts of other businesses. They're much better at getting people to look at something than just a flat poster stuck on a surface.