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Sachet Boards Components

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A sachet board advertising instant drinks define window and hanging hole punch.
  1. Window
  2. Hanging Hole Punch
Sachet Boards Specifications
A sachet board (Papan Kopi) advertises instant coffee drink in red, black and white.

SB 01

  • 537mm x 334mm
  • 20 Window
  • Window Size (52mm x 38mm)
  • Window Shape (Round Square)
A sachet board with oval shape window advertises instant drinks.

SB 02

  • 622mm x 346mm
  • 20 Window
  • Window Size (64mm x 40mm)
  • Window Shape (Oval)
A sachet board advertises seasoning product in dark green, light green, red, yellow and brown.

SB 03

  • 547mm x 346mm
  • 20 Window
  • Window Size (64mm x 40mm)
  • Window Shape (Oval)
A sachet board with oval shape window advertises seasoning products in various colour.

SB 04

  • 547mm x 346mm
  • 15 Window
  • Window Size (61mm x 38.5mm)
  • Window Shape (Oval)
  • Boxboard Grey Back 400gsm
  • Gloss Water Based Varnish
  • Die-cutting
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